outsideThe Bier Stein is a connoisseur beer store located in Eugene, OR. Since opening in July of 2005, the business has recently moved into a new, beer hall-style location. We host over 30 evolving taps, 1,000 different bottles of beer from around the world, and have a menu of excellent sandwiches, soups, and fresh salads.

We strive to create a space where friends and fellow beer enthusiasts can gather and enjoy the widest selection of beer in Oregon under one roof. Our goal is to be the best craft beer bar on the West Coast.

Almost all of our staff are Beer Stewards, and are available to help choose from our vast selection of local and international beers. Our Servers and Bottle Stockers all have their Cicerone Server certification, and are familiar with our products.

We believe that beer tastes best out of its intended glass; we use half-liter glasses, Belgian tulips and goblets, true Hefeweizen glasses, and other style-specific vessels to ensure an authentic and enjoyable beer experience.

We are attentive to the freshness of our beer; bottle dates are checked upon arrival to ensure that we aren’t putting stale beer on the shelves. The main spoilers of beer are heat and light; from the beer’s entry until it leaves, all of the beer is kept cold to maintain freshness, and our cooler doors are lit with UV-free LED lighting.