Press Release – Oktoberfest at The Bier Stein

The Bier Stein’s Oktoberfest Celebration Set for September 19th

The fall season is upon us, despite the weatherman. We in the beer world know this because of the roaring river of pumpkin ales spewing from process piping throughout the country… But that’s another event entirely. This is the time for celebration of this year’s harvest, not last year’s puree!

This year we are expanding the idiom of Oktoberfest. In addition to the classic lagers like those served from giant tanks beneath tents in Munich, we are including the fruits of Oregon hop farmers’ labor. Every year, brewers drive joyously to the nearest hop farm to pick up hundreds of pounds of hops, freshly stripped from the bine. After an increasingly sleepy ride back to the brewery, they infuse a batch or two with the green goodness. These wet-hopped beers are fleeting; rarely do any make it past November. Like a meteor shower you have to catch it while it’s there, lest the delicate, volatile hop oils dissipate into a grassy mess.

In order to add more fun, we are putting up an Oktoberfest-themed photo booth! We encourage you and your friends to dress up, or use our bin of costumery, take some pics and tag them with #BierSteinOktoberfest on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for a chance to win sweet prizes.

As usual, we have Weihenstephaner mugs available for $3 to take home, but if you are dressed in legit O-Fest garb your mug is free. Pretzels, schnitzel, and bratwurst will be available at a discount. Now check out the current beer list—this is just the beginning, we will run Oktoberfest and fresh-hop beers until they go out of style. We will take over most of our 25 taps with these beers and maybe more, roughly eight of each style at a time, and in no particular order: