A Passion for Beer

We are a connoisseur beer shop and pub located in Eugene, OR.

What started as a craft focused, hole-in-the-wall bar in 2005, has grown to host over 30 evolving taps and 1,000 different bottles of beer from around the world – not to mention a menu full of excellent sandwiches, soups, and fresh salads.  We are proud to offer a space where friends and fellow beer enthusiasts can gather and enjoy the widest cold stored selection of beer in Oregon under one roof.

Our educated staff are available to help guide you through our vast selection of local and international beers.  Bartenders and our Beer Team all have Cicerone Server certifications and are happy to share their knowledge with interested customers.

Previous Building
Current Building

Committed to Quality

We believe beer tastes best out of its intended glass; we use half-liter glasses, Belgian tulips and goblets, traditional weizen glasses, and other style-specific vessels to ensure an authentic and enjoyable beer experience.

Our in-house quality standards exceed industry standards for a product’s ideal enjoyment window.  We check the packaging date of each product upon its arrival and nothing makes it into our cooler or draft lines if it doesn’t meet our rigorous standards.

Light and heat are beer’s two worst enemies.  To combat these quality degrading elements, we ensure that beer is kept at proper temperatures from the moment it enters our building to the moment it leaves in your hands.  We also have LED lights in our coolers so that no UV rays can reach a beer through its bottle.

Beer is a fresh, agriculturally derived product and freshness standards vary based on factors like beer style and ingredients used.  Hop forward beers like IPAs and pale ales have a shorter window for optimal enjoyment as the expressive aromas and fruit forward flavors from the hops are very time sensitive.  Meanwhile barrel aged and mixed fermentation beer styles typically have a wider enjoyment window.  Some beers can even be aged for multiple years to positively develop flavor profile.